Racecars, Trailers and Trucks!

Factory Five 818R – $12,500

Comes with 5 engines, (2) 2.5L longblocks, (2) EJ20T cores, (1) EJ22 core.  An ’02 transmission was used for the racecar, but we also have two(2) extra ’02 & ’05 5 speeds.

One the high banks of Daytona

Right now the car is completely assembled except engine & transmission, runs on a MS 3 Pro with an AIM MXL 2 dash, and is fully race ready except for a rear decklid. We hacked up the rear decklid to accommodate a EJ20T Twin Turbo (which was fun to drive) – so you’ll need a new rear decklid.  It comes with a set of wheels & spacers, Hawk brake pads, Kirkey seat and the new slimline fuel tank.

Car is complete

This car has raced at Road Atlanta and Daytona and done well. Lots of spares come with the car.

AIM MXL 2 Dash

(2) EJ20T DOHC, (1) EJ22 SOHC & (2) EJ25 SOHC

2 spare 5 speeds

Lightweight flywheel & clutch and stock assembly

Killer B and Stock deep sump Oilpans

Aftermarket Intercooler

Install Engine + Transmission and go racing!

53ft Kentucky 5 Car Hauler – was $45,000 reduced to $32,584!

We are selling our Demonstration trailer since we don’t need it anymore.  With two(2) internal lifts, a 4500 lb capacity lift door that is completely powered by 12v systems.  We can do upgrades on it if you want or buy it outright for $32,584.   This trailer is capable of hauling 5-6 cars, a golfcart, motorcycle and plenty of spares on the shelves up front.  This is perfect for a beginning racing team.

Here is a video of the trailer in action being unloaded at Road Atlanta:


Outside of trailer


Inside looking forward – two lifts, one 12v and one 110v (can be easily converted to 12v)


Inside front, looking backward – fully wired with 110v lights

100v breakers and 12v solar charge controller

110V Front lift, hole in side for portable A/C unit and doors are lockable from inside.

Belly Boxes

Twin 12v lift pumps for the liftgate

Front shelves can carry plenty of spare parts and tools.

Rear liftgate has extensions for longer/lower cars.


ALL of these pictures were taken on July 18, 2017.